Our Maintenance Plan


Worry-Free HVAC Maintenance

Sometimes, we find that people forget about their HVAC system until there is a prevalent problem. Your air conditioning should run in the background and shouldn’t require much attention, but it’s always a good idea to schedule maintenance in advance. This will prevent any problems from occurring and will save you money in repairs and in your energy bill over time. 

Routine maintenance is essential to the wellbeing of your heating and cooling units. Having one of our professional team members inspect your HVAC unit will help to ensure quality heating and air conditioning all year long.

During your regular maintenance we check the whole HVAC system from the thermostat, to the ductwork, to the unit itself. We’ll make sure there are no damages causing energy inefficiency.  We will also provide a full cleaning and clean or replace any filters that need it. This will remove any unharmful contaminants causing health issues or keeping your HVAC unit from performing properly. 


A Maintenance Plan Made For You

Our maintenance plan is simple, affordable, and available to everyone. We offer a flat charge of $85 per maintenance visit, with two visits per year. The visits should take place before the changing of the warmer and cooler seasons. In Florida, this means once during fall and once during spring. Our maintenance plan is designed with you in mind. That’s why there are never any hidden fees or add-ons. We’ll do exactly what you see listed here. If you have questions or are ready to set up your own maintenance plan, please contact us! 


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