Duct Cleaning


Duct Cleaning

Taking care of your ductwork is vital to the health of your HVAC system as well as the heath of your family! The air ducts in your house constantly carry the heated or cooled air throughout the building, but they also carry visible and invisible containments. 

If you never have a professional clean your air ducts, there could be trapped dust, mold, and dander that could negatively impact you and your family’s health. Neglecting duct cleaning is also bad for your HVAC unit. When ductwork gets backed up with these pollutants, it makes it more difficult for air to flow through. This means that your heating and cooling system needs more and more energy. This will raise your energy bills and slowly cause damage to your HVAC unit. 

At Indoor Quality Heating & Air, we have the experience and skills necessary to properly clean the air ducts in your home or business. Once we get the job done, you’ll be so glad you called us in the first place. Cleaner air ducts help reduce allergies, lower energy bills, and optimize your HVAC unit. Contact us today to get started!

How Often Should I get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

It’s important to get your air ducts cleaned regularly to help purify the air you are breathing. Here are some instances in which you should get a duct cleaning:

  • People in your house are experiencing allergies or aren’t breathing well.
  • You are moving into a new house
  • You have pets that shed
  • There are people in your house who smoke
  • Your home has recently had mold or water damage


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